Life of a Writer – Deadlines

Apologies for the lack of a pithy posting this week.  I am far behind current project and need to “buckle down,” as my mother used to say.

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Me, buckling down, except I’ve got differnt hair, no earrings and a laptop.

This is the life of the writer.  When I get notes from my brilliant editor, I try to give them time to breathe and sink in before I attack a new draft.  Sometimes the breathing and sinking in takes longer than expected.  And then you look up, well… then I looked up at the deadline I’d set for myself as “reasonable” a couple of months ago, and then pushed a few weeks to something “more reasonable.”  And taht was yesterday.

So I am writing today and every day this week for as much time as I can.  If I write fast enough and well enough, I think a little heart will appear over my head warning people not to interrupt my narrative flow.  At least that’s the theory.  I will let you know if it works.

In the meantime, spend some time perusing the options at Skulltastic, one of my favorite notebook stores.  I got this puppy yesterday, and customized it with college rule paper and a yellow coil.  That’s right kids, you can design your own notebook with their cool art and all kinds of different guts– storyboard paper, graphs, music, and more.  If you see me using this notebook in the wild, observe the glowing heart over my head. It means I am hard at work. 

Mathter of the Univerth Skeletor

And guess what, teachers? Ten percent goes to education. They even do fundraisers in an awesome school bus store on wheels. I heart Skulltastic. What’s not to heart?

So, what you’ve just witnessed is me going of on a tangent and procrastinating, for which I apologize.  I’d better get to work. 

Thank you for your patience during this rewrite.


The Management