What exactly is a keynote?

Thank you for the powerful and personal keynote this morning

J. Bing

Keynote” is a musical term that dates back to the 1600s. By the 1700s, it had come to mean the central idea. By the Civil War, “speech” had been added, in reference to public addresses. Simply put, a keynote speech, or address, sets the tone of your event.

What tone do you want to set?

We’ve all suffered through those droning “important” speeches, where the reader stares at their notes and does their best imitation of an NPR voice. The speaker is poised, the words are beautifully written … so why is everyone falling asleep?

Organizers put too much time and effort into creating an amazing event to then have the keynote fall flat. Wake up your crowd! Get them excited about what’s possible, and entertain them in the process.

Sherri Smith’s keynote is cracking me up! Loving her take on stories

N. Myers

Let’s kick off your event with a talk that sets an inspiring tone. Or brighten the mid-convention slump with some creativity and fun. Let’s get your audience to think, laugh (or cry), and most importantly to feel engaged with your event, your ideas, and the world around them.

Client feedback:

“It was an experience we will never forget; the girls learned so much from you and they appreciated your warm attention and enthusiastic presence.”

K. Warwick, Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy

“You are really funny!”

Riley R.

“You have inspired me to always be creative and always do my best.”

J. Patrus

Past keynotes:

  • What If There Are No Villains? Hansel & Gretel in the Age of Trump
  • Upcycling Story
  • Intent and Imagination
  • Prejudice and the Power of Storytelling