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Lisa's_Lending_Library panel

From “Lisa’s Lending Library,” The Wonderful World of Lisa Simpson, art by Kassandra Heller

Curious about the comics?

It’s a little known fact:  Sherri also writes for comics!  In fact, she’s been a contributing writer for Bongo Comics for years.  Bongo is the wacky, wonderful home of The Simpsons in print.

Below is a partial list of the stories she’s written featuring America’s favorite funny family.

The Wonderful World of Lisa Simpson
  • “Lisa’s Lending Library”
Bart Simpson’s Pal, Milhouse #1
  • “Manners with Milhouse”
  • “Milhouse’s Best Day”
Simpsons Comics Get Some Fancy Book Learnin’
  • “Humpty Dumped,” Bart Simpson Comics #9
Big Bratty Book of Bart Simpson
  • “Balloon Payment,” Bart Simpson Comics #11
  • “Cooking with Kang and Kodos,” Bart Simpson Comics #9
  • “Cyrano de Bart,” Bart Simpson Comics #9
  • “Tango Tangle,” Bart Simpson Comics #11
and several comic strips for “The Simpsons,” London Times Sunday Edition

Who is Sherri’s favorite Simpsons character?  Lisa, of course!

 Sherri’s stories can be found in all of these books!
Milhouse#1SC Fancy Book LearningBigBrattyBook - Balloon Payment