The Maltese Falcon

Something Wicked This Way Comes:  The Rebirth of Noir in Young Adult Literature

noir Pronunciation: /nwär/ 1.  That is in the style of a film noir; gloomy and fatalistic in character; (also) using cinematic devices such as wide angles and partial lighting; urban, morally ambiguous, anti-heroic. Cf. film noir n. and adj. 2.  A genre of crime film or detective fiction characterized by cynicism, sleaziness, fatalism, and…

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The Perfect Writer Gift

So, I have this thing about accoutrements.  I like the trappings, the trimmings, the stuff that accompanies certain lifestyles.  I cigarette cases, even though I don’t smoke.  I like glasses and cups and mugs and tea containers, even though most of my tea comes in a paper box.  And I love writerly things….

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