Sherri Smith


Such wonderful news, folks! The Toymaker’s Apprentice  is the winner of the SCIBA Award for Middle Grade! What the heck is SCIBA, you ask?  It stands for Southern California Independent Booksellers Association and it’s the acronym for a group of wonderful booksellers throughout Southern California. These are our bookish neighbors….

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It’s the PASADENA Blog Tour!

Mark your calendars!  I’ll be visiting the above blogs throughout September.  I’ll be tweeting direct links as I have them, but you can find each stop below: 9/7 – Teen Librarian Tool Box 9/8 – Book Smugglers 9/9 – Great Imaginations 9/12 – I Read Banned Books 9/13 – The Compulsive…

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Something Wicked This Way Comes:  The Rebirth of Noir in Young Adult Literature

noir Pronunciation: /nwär/ 1.  That is in the style of a film noir; gloomy and fatalistic in character; (also) using cinematic devices such as wide angles and partial lighting; urban, morally ambiguous, anti-heroic. Cf. film noir n. and adj. 2.  A genre of crime film or detective fiction characterized by cynicism, sleaziness, fatalism, and…

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